Open Copy Licence and Terms and Conditions

Copy Licence and Terms and Conditions

1. Usage of this Book is subject to the following terms and conditions below (sections 2-8):

2. Free re-distribution of the latest version with attribution is granted for non-commercial use and without any changes or modifications. Attribution must be by citing the title of this book, this copyright notice,

the author’s name and the type of licence being a non-commercial no change-derivation licence;

a. Attribution has to include the following in the beginning of the product:

Qur’ān Translation taken by open licence from the English Translation of the Holy Qur’ān by Dr. M. Chandia, available from

b. This copyright notice must be retained with reproductions and re-distributions;

c. No use of logos/emblems/flags is allowed or to be associated;

3. All other rights are retained by the translator and individual authors of fonts, graphics and designs.

4. At any point in time if a later digital version is made available on the site mentioned below the older

licence(s) and versions (be it digital or printed) will be deemed to have expired and no copy, extraction,

reproduction, distribution or re-distribution will be permissible of or from older versions.

5. This licence is active and granted only for the latest version which will be deemed to always have

associated the above clauses for free non-commercial no change-derivation usage.

a. The latest version, licence and terms and conditions will always be available for free in digital

form from:

6. At all material times one should personally and collectively abide by the Rule of Law relevant to the jurisdiction of the country of abode or presence and those conventions, rules, regulations and laws that are regionally, nationally or internationally applicable.

7. The Translator, Authors, the site above, its owner(s) and its administrator(s), distributors and re- distributors are not liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss or injury howsoever caused or suffered and do not intend, encourage, aid, abet, assist, conspire, incite or agree to the breaking of any conventions, rules, regulations or laws whether negligently, recklessly or knowingly nor make any commitments, guarantees, warranties, representations or agreements to, as, on behalf of, for or against any individual, party, partnership, trust, charity, company, organisation, group, tribe, race, nation, country or bloc.

8. Apart from clause 5 above the Author retains the right to change the Licence and Terms and Conditions without any notification to any indiviual, group, party or organisation.

Note. The 2019 version(s) have limited/resticted copy-paste extraction of text or images as appropriate feedback submitted on the site above is planned to be collated and assessed for incorporation before a PDF version is officially released in January 2020. PDF versions officialy distributed after 1 January 2020 will Inshā’ Allāh allow full extraction of Arabic and English text for non-commercial use without any modifications.

The only commercial licence that will be available will be one by application to the Author to extend the above licence to cover instances where all net profits go to an independant charity chosen by the licencee, and the Author and above website are deemed not to be liable or responsible for any licencee activity, transaction, charge, tax, filing, reporting, etc nor connected to or with the licencee or the charity. The Charity must have an active registration in the same country as the licencee and be an educational establishment registered for the advancement of the Religion Islam.

14 February 2019